This long and insane year is finally ending so now it is time to look back on what was great. Lets dig into the good and the AMAZING in my picks of the TOP 10 BEST Games of 2019!!

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In this episode of Top 10 Thursday DreamcastGuy looks at each of the best games of the year. This includes random gameplay clips and talks about each one in a review style format. We see games like Death Stranding on the Ps4 Pro, Devil May Cry 5 on the Xbox one X, Judgment on PlayStation 4, Luigi’s mansion 3 and Super Maker 2 on Nintendo Switch, Control on all consoles, Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order being played on a PlayStation 4 Pro, Untitled Google game on Nintendo Switch, Sekiro Shadows Dies Twice on the Xbox One S, and Resident Evil 2 Remake which I beat on Ps4 as well. Each of these was great so really they are all winners.